Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Idea of Buttons

I used to know a guitar player with really tiny fingers, like needles. I bet he has a much easier time using a touch screen keyboard.

The school tech mall is closed on the weekend so I'm having to use my kindle at the coffee shop to make this entry. Gods, I miss my computer.

To-day I'll be looking at apartments. There are already a couple places that look promising. There's a place in Hillcrest--home of the Pride parade and the best movie theatre in town--that looks so good to me I might check it out to-day despite the fact that whoever's in the office there immediately hangs up the phone when called.

Last night I dreamt Caitlin and Spooky were plotting some kind of elaborate prank. Spooky was wearing a copper brocade Victorian day dress and sitting side saddle on a Harley at the bottom of a hill accompanied by five or six 1812 French infantry.

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