Thursday, November 28, 2013

Don't be a Turkey in the Corn, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Is Fire Walk With Me the most Thanksgiving appropriate movie I can think of? I guess it kind of is. It's American, it's about family. A family who sits down to dinner together even if one of them apparently didn't wash her hands first.

Otherwise, unless Eli Roth makes his Thanksgiving trailer from Grindhouse into a real movie, I don't know if there's much else worth mentioning. Most of the titles that spring to mind are Bollywood movies for some reason.

Of course, I still have a big backlog of Halloween movies to watch. I suppose I could save them for next year but several of them look really good. I also want to start catching up on this year's new movies. If anyone wants to recommend one of those, please do, but bear in mind I might not like it.

I still remember years when I'd see at least ten new films every year without really trying. Seeing new movies has gotten less affordable and I've kind of fallen in love with pre-1960 cinema.

I guess Eat Drink Man Woman is a good Thanksgiving movie, despite being Chinese.

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