Friday, November 15, 2013

New Faces and Old Ghosts

For years, I've thought this chipped paint on the wall of the men's room at the college looked like the profile of someone with a big, floofy ponytail and a heavy brow. I finally couldn't resist drawing in the face last week.

This week, I discovered the pizza house where Tom Waits worked as a teenager in the 60s was still around, looking probably much as it did when Tom Waits worked there.

It was Sunday and apparently the place is only open Monday through Thursday. National City, the part of San Diego where it's located, isn't far from downtown. This is National City's own little downtown--the heart of National City, if it has a heart. It was dead quiet and next to Napoleone's there's a mortuary.

I was excited about finding the storied little pizza place, then my sister found in a magazine that it's ranked number 1 in "Trendiest Restaurants" in San Diego, the description mentioning the fact that Tom Waits used to work there. Oh, well. I'd still like to try some of their spaghetti. Who knows when I'll have time, though. I have so much unpacking to do and still a few things to transport.

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