Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy birthday, Enigma Kat.

When I downloaded every Beatles album ever, I guess I got some albums of outtakes mixed in. I usually listen to a playlist of three thousand thirteen of my mp3s and flacs*, so it's very strange when one of those outtakes comes up, particularly when the song starts out normal. I just pressed play on "And Your Bird Can Sing" and was startled when Paul started laughing uncontrollably halfway through the song. You get so used to these songs being sort of immutable. Wouldn't it be interesting if, partway through a movie you've watched a million times, a character suddenly decided to do something different? Gods, so many people would complain, but I would sincerely salute the director of a major blockbuster who made alternate versions of his or movie with subtly different scenes and released the variant versions in precisely the same packaging.

I guess I oughta try listening to now that I've signed up for it. Friend me if you have it too. I'm still not exactly sure what it's about--I mainly signed up because I saw Moira had. I suppose once I have a few minutes I'll figure out how cool it is.

Friday and Saturday I spent most of the evening at Tim's playing Soul Calibur 4. I coloured when I got back here, but I guess I'm not as far with pencil and ink as I could be--I still have three pages left. I feel pretty comfortable, though, because it's an easy chapter. I think I'll start working on 14 to-morrow, in fact. I sort of need to decide what's happening in 15 before I can really get to work on 14, though. We'll see . . .

*Flac files slowly seem to be overtaking mp3s as the standard file format for music tracks (sorry, Apple, no-one's paying attention to your m4us or whatever the fuck you call them). They're "lossless", which means they're as high quality as CD audio, though I bet most of you don't notice mp3s don't sound as good as CDs. I didn't notice myself until I started downloading flacs.

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