Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not much time to-day. I just got back from watching La Dolce Vita with my sister. As long as it is, I think that movie is much better taken in one sitting.

Last night I watched the new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It wasn't one of the best episodes, there were a number of glaring problems with logic (why did they abandon the car after getting Sarah out of the trunk?), but I give the episode points for using the multiple point of view technique without it seeming too artificial most of the time (Ellison's greeting to Sarah in the trunk came off weirdly abrupt the second time). I think the show would be far more effective if it would keep to single points of view for longer periods of time. But I like getting cosy with characters, particularly ones played by Summer Glau.

The neighbour's little grey cat was trapped in the garage here to-day. She mewed at me to let her out, which I did. She's gotten comfortable sitting near me, especially when I'm petting Snow, but still won't let me get too close. I don't mind--it just does my heart good to see all these cats around here all of a sudden.

I've gotten a good start on Chapter 13, and I'm already cooking things up for 14. As for 15 and 16, I feel like I have a big buffet of options . . .

Now I must away to the grocery store.

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