Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running only a little bit late to-day. I thought I'd be running later--my sister and I had been planning on seeing Let the Right One In to-night, but the kitten apparently had kept my sister up all night. The little 1.5 pound Saffy Kitty is apparently holding a matter/antimatter reactor in subspace because she's filled with great spurts of insatiable energy. To-night I watched her bound up and down the stairs I'd a week ago watched her take with timidly extended paws.

My sister and I watched the RiffTrax of The Happening before I came back here and I read the new Sirenia Digest story called "DANCING WITH THE EIGHT OF SWORDS". A story I found interesting for what seemed to me an exploration the kind of damaged affection a torturer might feel for her victim, and what that affection means and what it implies about the torturer's psychology.

I think one of the reasons I still feel compelled to comment on Sirenia Digest is it still bugs me that Caitlin has to ask, in her blog, for people to comment on the stories. I've seen her journal generate up to forty comments about a lolcat or something random Caitlin mentioned, yet these supposed Caitlin R. Kiernan fans can't be arsed to comment on Caitlin's, you know, actual work. But, then, I suppose a lot of people don't consider it worthwhile talking to successful authors unless they can thereby distinguish themselves in some way.

Last night I listened to more of The Bell Jar while I coloured. I'm starting to feel Maggie Gyllenhaal's voice is just way too cute for the Esther Greenwood role. I might actually have preferred Scarlett Johansson or Lizzy Caplan. Last night I listened to the scene where Esther breaks her leg in her first attempt at skiing. Immediately Esther wants to get back to the top of the hill and try again, but Buddy, a guy who presumes himself her fiancé, informs her of her broken leg. Esther mentions a "satisfaction" in Buddy's voice as he says, no, she's not going back again. And I knew exactly what Plath was talking about. The sort of subtle joy in telling someone determined and passionate that it's impossible for them to even begin trying to get what they want. Maybe these people don't realise they're doing it, don't understand that part of themselves. I suppose it could be a reflection of repression, that people like Buddy are envious of people who aim for what they want instead of trying to figure out what they're supposed to want. This is a recurring theme in The Bell Jar.

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