Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy birthday, RMG.

I gotta love all the stuff coming out about Sarah Palin now. She didn't know Africa was a continent? She greeted McCain advisors wearing only a towel? Maybe it's not so cold in Alaska, after all.

Actually, her impressive stupidity sounds like it's outpacing Bush's, which might explain why the conservative base was so gaga over her. Not only could you have a beer with her, you could easily talk her into having sex with you. Hell, tell her you're Nicolas Sarkozy while you're at it.

My plan yesterday was to write the script for Chapter 13 and then draw and ink the penultimate page of Chapter 12, but I ended up spending all day on the script. I drove to Denny's, wrote a bit there, drove to Starbucks, wrote a bit there, doing a lot of thinking in between. Then I came back here and completely started over. I'm rather happy with how it turned out. And it's more vetted now than Sarah Palin.

Oh, I oughta leave her alone. But she and Ted Stevens really don't paint a flattering picture of the average Alaskan, do they?

To-day I've already drawn page 95 of my comic but I've still got inking and colouring to do. So I'd better get back to it. Although this is later than when I was finishing with Chapter 11's drawings, I'm still much further ahead because the first five pages are completely coloured and finished. I oughta have this done before Monday, and I can draw the first page of 13 on Saturday.

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