Thursday, April 09, 2009

Between the Legs of the Mind are the Genitals of the Heart

Last night's tweets;

Dr. Pepper never does expire.
Some slow cars will not turn right on red lights.
My bologna's not named Oscar Mayer.
Julie Andrews looks quite good at great heights.

I eat fake bologna, of course.

Last night Russell Brand twatted, "Right. I'm off to gargle with oestrogen till I become a gorgeous treble-gendered-cyborg - then we'll see who ought run the country. NIGHT. X" How am I just starting to hear about this guy?

Looks like Howard Stern's adopted Stephen Colbert's twitter verb "twat" (possibly only for past tense). So it is now Pervert Law. Something else to make it hard for normal people not to notice "twitter" already sounds dirty.

I listened to part of the Mary Poppins commentary last night. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke both gushed about the matte paintings--they really are spectacular in that movie. Dick Van Dyke compared some of his antics in the film to Jim Carrey. "Someone told me Jim Carrey owes his whole career to this scene," he said during the "Jolly Holiday" sequence. He listed his own influences as Lou Costello and Charlie Chaplin.

Both he and Andrews agreed there was something Chaplin-esque about the way Mary walked and stood with her toes pointed out and a little up. Whenever a shot displayed Mary's feet, Van Dyke and/or Andrews would say, "Foot flexed!"

Karen Dotrice, who played one of the Banks' children, was also on the commentary and talked about how a lot of the effects on screen were just as amazing live, including the bottomless "carpet bag".

This morning I watched the season premiere of Hayate no Gotoku, which was dismally boring, and the third episode of Maria Holic, which is beautiful to look at. Akiyuki Shinbo brings the same unrelenting flood of intricate and decorative imagery he brought to Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, but it's kind of overwhelming in Maria Holic because the newer series doesn't have the Zetsubo information blitz to keep up. But I love Maria Holic's subversive gender themes--it seems to be going to and expanding on territory that hasn't really been exploited since Ranma 1/2.

I found a bunch of unopened Dr. Pepper bottles in my closet. I opened one and it seems to taste okay. A google search found a lot of discussions online about whether or not soda actually does expire, and mostly the consensus seems to be it doesn't. It's been so long since I had the patience to finish a bottle of soda in one sitting . . .

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