Thursday, April 02, 2009

Choosing Olives

Looking at Brent Spiner's Wikipedia entry, I discovered that Fiona Apple's sister is named Maude Maggart. I love that name.

Brent Spiner's Twitter page is pretty interesting. He seems to be using it to tell about his fictional(?) experiences at an asylum. Or something.

From my Twitter page, I present;

Twitter Sonnet #4

My favourite Pokemon is Purin.
Might want to see new
Ghostbusters movie.
Thinking again of
Children of Hurin.
My absinthe is protected from UV.
Vacuum can't quite get the dust from the floor.
Mall parking garage was dark and empty.
Image search yields few shots of night time moor.
By the bank there is a big fallen tree.
Spaghetti won't fit in stomach with bread.
Up late but I can't seem to sleep past noon.
I hate how dark pencils have softer lead.
On this cloudy night I can't see the moon.
Sort of sick last night from puttanesca.
Woken by lawnmower loud like cessna.

I think this is my favourite one so far.

Looking over David Lynch's twitter page, I see a little while ago he twittered, "Works of art consist of objectifying subjectivity." Perfectly said.

I find myself wishing William S. Burroughs were alive and twittering. I bet his twitter would be one of the most brilliant things in the world.

I think it was the puttanesca sauce that made me feel sick. It was like there was a big lead weight in my stomach. I feel better this morning, but I still got a bit nauseous when I did crunches. I can't blow those off, though--my stomach feels like a paper lantern when I skip crunches.

This Francis Ford Coppola brand puttanesca sauce is normally really good, so I'm a little reluctant to throw it out without knowing for sure if it's the cause. Maybe it's because I've otherwise cut so far back on sodium lately. I had a martini a couple nights ago, I only had one olive in it, and it was almost too much. I heard a story about how Jennifer Aniston takes the olives out of her martinis because she feels the sodium makes her eyes puffy. Which is pretty ridiculous, but it is amazing how much sodium is in those things--like 20 percent of the daily recommended sodium intake per olive on most brands I look at. I've been using garlic stuffed olives lately which are only 5% per olive, but it still seems like a lot. To think I use to put no less than three olives in my martinis.

I need to finish colouring the next Venia's Travels to-day. Paint Shop Pro 8 is pretty resource hungry, but otherwise I'm having no problem with it. A lot of the functions have been re-categorised, which makes me wonder how decisions like that get made. Who decided the "blur" function is better kept under "adjust" than under "image"? Was there anyone out there saying to themselves, "Fucking finally!"

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