Monday, April 20, 2009

We're All Q Now

Twitter Sonnet #10

You can clean your car with napkins slowly.
A tiny spinach pie is not a meal.
But with ginger snaps you've a meal wholly.
With a certain strange Spartan appeal.
It's good to drink green tea from a bucket.
Can't get away from the reflecting pool.
O tell all mutants or orcs to suck it.
Deny "There is no Dana only Zuul."
Life is sweetly indecent and cool birds.
Can't drink a latte while you bag apples.
A hexed day, I kept mixing up my words.
The best salsa is made without scruples.
Impostor Picard was much too sleazy.
Teabaggers think getting off is easy.

I signed up for Facebook to-day--this is my profile. Friend me if you like, but I don't expect to be updating it, ever. I just got this feeling to-day that having a facebook has gotten to be a citizen's responsibility.

It was weird how many familiar faces instantly popped up when I put in my high school. Advertisements all over the internet seem to be responding to some widespread desire people have to find their old classmates. I've never quite understood it. But, then, I already know how to get in touch with anyone from high school I might want to get in touch with.

As I was driving back from the grocery store last night, my headlamps briefly illuminated two teenage girls on the sidewalk in their underwear. One was thrusting her pelvis into the other's rear, while the other was gyrating in response in a pantomime of anal sex--it was clear they were doing it because a car was passing. I was listening to Jimi Hendrix and feeling really mellow and there was something great about the juxtaposition. It was like I was on an acid trip safari through a 1960s Pre-Raphaelite painting.

I loved how that guy would always draw out the "A"; "On Staaaaaaar Trek: The Next Generation!"

While eating dinner last night, I continued watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with "Allegiance", written by Richard Manning, who would later go on to write for Farscape. It's kind of strange how one can trace the lineage of modern science fiction television back to Star Trek: The Next Generation, I guess. Well, I find it interesting that now I go from a Battlestar Galactica-ish episode to a Farscape-ish episode. Or at least, now the episodes seem that way through the prism of my experience with the later shows. Maybe it's a good way to keep the old show vital, even with Dr. Crusher and Counsellor Troi's hairdo failures. Actually, those were never good, were they? I remember Marina Sirtis complaining about it at the one Star Trek convention I went to.

Anyway, "Allegience" is actually kind of a classic Star Trek style story, with strange, powerful aliens putting Captain Picard through a behavioural experiment with the result being something like a philosophical dialogue about the nature of authority while a fake Captain Picard on the Enterprise is seen to be a fake by the crew because of subtle quirks in his behaviour. The point eventually being that just because the aliens have the technology to kidnap and observe sentient creatures, it doesn't make them superior. Not a new idea for Star Trek, but one of the lessons important to impress upon society. I think. Well, I guess it does go back to the personal accountability I was talking about the other day.

I haven't been keeping up with The Colbert Report lately, so I missed this bit of brilliance;

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