Monday, April 13, 2009

They Who Eat Soup

The guys at the Rifftrax blog have been playing with this movie maker thing lately. Here's one I made;

Way too addictive. The people sound a bit like the Indian woman on the phone from Amazon who helped me with my empty box problem.

Last night's tweets;

Down to the last can of minestrone.
Saw old
Star Trek with new cg effects.
Doesn't seem like an improvement to me.
But the remastered sound really connects.

My mother got me the remastered Star Trek original series for my birth day, and I've watched a few episodes with my family. All the space shots have been replaced with cgi, which must have taken a lot of work but the end result kind of doesn't accomplish much. There's a style that goes along with the limited special effects of a 1960s science fiction series--the model makers didn't know to put a bunch of tiny details on the Enterprise, for example. It could be just me, but the cgi really doesn't look much more real than the old shots of the models, so what you end up with is just a slightly different feel, one that mixes a bit oddly with the footage of the actors and sets.

On the other hand, the remaster sound is pretty great. The picture looks good, too, and I guess I really don't mind the cgi. There's nothing quite as egregious as the Star Wars special editions.

I have a lot to do to-day and I spent far too much time on that video. Gods, I hope they stop inventing addictive internet time sucks soon . . .

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