Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lilliput. Shit. I'm Still Only in Lilliput.

Last night's tweets;

It seems I too often forget to eat.
They're fucking
Gulliver's Travels again;
This one stars Jack Black and Amanda Peet--
Another kid's movie; adults can't win.

Can you believe it? What're there, a hundred kids movies that only cover Gulliver's trip to Lilliput and now we gotta have another one? What the fuck? Why not just make another Honey I Shrunk the Kids? How much you wanna bet the screenwriters haven't even read the book? Fuck.

They're crowbarring a love interest into this one, too. It seems like interesting things usually only happen in Hollywood about an inch at a time.

I have pretty much nothing to say about yesterday--I didn't do much besides colour for nine hours. I finished off the mead, though--beautiful stuff.

Something that's been strongly impressed upon me over the past couple months is that the internet is full of people who make broad, vitriolic statements and accusations as a matter of course and who also become quite indignant when their opinion isn't taken seriously. It seems natural in the standard YouTube conversation rife with spelling and grammatical errors compounded with lazy text speech, but even the comment section on that Die Walkure video contains a pointless and angry discussion;

. . .

chinn11: "Well, in context, most christians of that time period didn't like jews. Just because he was german and didn't like jews, doesn't mean he's a nazi. A Nazi is someone who supports the Nationalist Socialist German Workers party, not simply someone who's racist. Branding every racist a Nazi is like branding every liberal as a faggot (which is being done). "

Spyder057: "ok so he was a racist, it doesnt change a thing 4 me..i still hate him. i never understood the reason y ppl hate jews, y cant there just b peace, so that every1 could get along. its so annoyin how every1 is a racist towards some nation, i think god shouldve just created 1 nation, so then we would 100% all get along, n not have to fight over religion or w.e"

BenjaminJair: "wagner influenced hitlers idealism and antisemit philisophies, and adopted wagners music as nazi music for parades and nazi events,sorry for my english."

Pentaclesandmiracles: "Despite some uncultured people calling Wagner a Nazi - (no he wasn't) the whole norse mythology of the Valkyries and the Gods was perverted and inverted by Hitlers Nazi party. This is a masterpeice of music, it truly portrays the Valkyries as they really are."

delpiero47: "he's also a fucking nazi, like you probably. so take your wagner and stick in your ass or arse."

. . .

It's like watching a cock fight. About a fucking Wagner video. Though this is a slightly more plausible demonstration of Godwin's law than usual, there's still the baseline of idiocy that makes me wonder why any of these knuckleheads, including the ones I agree with, are bothering to talk to the others.

But the irony of Spyder057's statement I just have to adore. I almost wonder if Spyder was being intentionally ironic--he or she argues against bigotry to end up arguing for world domination.

Chinn's statement equating "racist" with "faggot" is a nice example of the general near sightedness of this discussion. I'm sure few people in the discussion would like art dismissed just because it might have been created by a homophobe.

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