Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dancing Anaesthetised Zombies

Last night's tweets;

A lobby phone swallowed a girl's hour.
Sydney Greenstreet peeled chocolate birds above.
Black pennies congeal into a tower.
There's a parking space reserved for a dove.

Somehow, I can't help finding the recent oil spill due to the explosion of a rig terribly funny. To me, it's close to Lex Luthor moving California, Superman not being there to stop him, and most people ultimately not caring except people in the immediate vicinity. Such is the state of apathy and short sighted self interest I perceive as fast and universal. Just look at Arizona's new immigration law, crafted by a small group of repressed racists. It takes the special sort of candy coated insensitivity of our bulbous modern humanity to push a bunch of people out of a desert because they might, in some ambiguous way, be draining tax dollars. Even if it were truly a significant drain on the economy, and the Hummer I saw by the grocery store the other day suggests to me it's not, who's being saved with this money? It just seems like the whole human race gets sadder every day.

I might try getting up early to-morrow. I've been making decent time with my comic this week, and I think I might try to enjoy daylight on Friday. On Monday's Howard Stern Show I was kind of annoyed by Courtney Love showing up hours late because she had been up all night and, then, when she got to the building where Stern's show is broadcast, she spent another half hour in the lobby listening to her own voice mails she'd recorded for a guy who evidently was being a dick to her. But the interview itself was fascinating. One of the great and unique things about Howard Stern--what other interviewers actively avoid, fearing to let guests embarrass themselves, he actively pursues. So listeners were treated to a picture of Love's life to-day, wherein apparently "people" prevent her from spending more than three hundred dollars at a time and, although she's sure her daughter, Francis, wants to talk to her, "lawyers" stand in the way. It seems like a lot of rock stars, when they talk to Stern, have a long shit list of people that have fucked their lives up in sometimes dubiously complicated ways. I'd actually been listening to Hole's Live Through This earlier in the day, which is an album I still like, though, whoever Courtney Love was, she seems buried now under piles of dizzy self-absorption. She talked about how she didn't want to be a feminist anymore, and wanted to think like a man. Though, I have to admit, the most disappointing thing to hear was that she was currently reading Ayn Rand.

She did say something I agreed with, though--or, at least, she vaguely seemed to allude to something in the middle of incoherent rambling I think I agree with, which is that it's really depressing to see what's happened to Billy Corgan. I mean, just from the fact that he's calling his new band The Smashing Pumpkins when he hasn't got any other members of the original band, and the fact that he dated Jessica Simpson. The guy seems to have epitomised "sell out" at this point. I guess you could say that Courtney Love at least didn't go that route, but Stern was pleading with her not to sell any more Nirvana songs. I really hope he got through to her, I could do without any more unintentionally ironic uses of "In Bloom" or "Breed" in video game commercials.

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