Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stimuli Storm Turns to White Noise

Last night's tweets;

Dinner dully screams hours from midnight.
Beans rapidly fill Tortilla Ravine.
Styrofoam oozes from a big bronze bite.
Fake lizard meat from metal bones licked clean.

I think I sort of got enough sleep last night. I'm not sure I'm equipped to judge anymore.

I spent a lot of time backing up files yesterday, mainly my more than 60 gigabyte music folder. I'm starting to think I oughta just get a new hard drive along with everything else.

I couldn't find perfect replacements for the drawer handles yesterday--I found some that were the same shape but a different colour, and some that were the same colour but a different shape. The employees at Home Depot are a little eerie. Getting within 15 feet of any of them seemed to cause them to slowly turn to face me, smile weakly, and ask me in a vague, pleasant tone if I needed anything.

Fortunately, returning the tower case went without a hitch, though I almost laughed at the woman when she asked if I wanted to exchange it.

I worked on my comic until 3am, and I almost finished one page. I think my lack of sleep slowed me down more than yesterday's many distractions. When I'm massively sleep deprived, it takes me a long time just to string together thoughts. I find myself just staring at things a lot, trying to remember what I intended to do just a half second ago.

There was a new Ranma 1/2 OVA produced in 2008 that finally got fansubbed a little while ago. The previous new Ranma came out in 1997, so it was very interesting to see the show produced with modern computer colouring techniques. It featured some nice action, but very different action than what had been Ranma's--this new OVA has the somewhat gummier, more angular style of modern very animated anime action. Which was interesting, though I missed what made the early episodes of the television series an actual engaging martial arts series at times, rather than cartoonish fun.

All the living voice actors returned, which was nice. Unfortunately, the OVA's story suffered even worse from what a couple of the previous OVAs had suffered from--the apparent desire to shove every member of Ranma's vast cast of characters into the one hour show. The plot itself involved what had gotten to be Ranma's monotonously dull, continually recycled setup of someone getting some kind of wacky spell cast on them and the various hijinks that ensue as everyone tries to fix it, with the very tired undercurrent of Ranma's and Akane's never ending Do They Like Eachother or Don't They tension. Which was one of the great things about reading the Maison Ikkoku manga series--the characters' relationships actually evolved over time and the obstacles the characters dealt with actually had meaning, which was the case with early Ranma.

Anyway, perhaps the best part of the new OVA was an introduction that included characters from three different Rumiko Takahashi series interacting--Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, and Inu-Yasha. I was rather surprised by the absence of Maison Ikkoku characters, since it was my understanding that that show had been rather popular.

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