Sunday, April 11, 2010

Helter Skelter

Last night's tweets;

The road's rabbit has no questions for you.
Closed shop ghosts moan their muzak in the air.
Joel Schumacher paints closed Blockbusters blue.
The return boxes are holes to nowhere.

Devin Faraci posted this on Twitter and all's I can say is, "Fuck yeah;"

Kick his fucking ass! Wow, that's satisfying to see.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night and didn't until 7am, but then I slept solidly to 2pm. I had a very odd, angry dream where I was trying to argue with an entire school bent on proving that everyone who didn't like Avatar is a deviant.

I think I had trouble sleeping because yesterday was so unfocused. I'd planned on going to Tim's, but he wasn't home, so I ate vegetarian sushi in my car at the mall, wandered the bookstore a bit, went to Denny's and wrote half of the upcoming Venia's Travels, came back here and wandered around Second Life a bit and I watched the first half of Death Proof. I also started reading the epilogue to War and Peace, which doesn't mean I'm going to be finishing the book within the next couple days. My paperback copy has the epilogue taking up over a hundred pages with really small print. There's just nothing short about War and Peace and I love it. I have been holding back on a lot of things I have to say about it, though, since I'm so near the end.

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