Sunday, April 04, 2010

The World's Shell

Twitter Sonnet #129

Choirs of angels roughly wash your car.
Rejoice in knowing everything's your fault.
Clucking tongues echo off of every star.
Geraldo's blind to good in Capone's vault.
Idle marauders can't live in their loot.
Laziness grants one the grace of reserve.
Routes to London's rooftops are paved with soot.
Strange is the courtesy we all deserve.
Wars start up again to break in new shoes.
Honest cats squeak past a howling pit-bull.
Tea kettles have just so much steam to lose.
Hands are stained dying already spun wool.
Chick's strength wanes inside an unbroken shell.
Transistasis sparks round marshmallow hell.

One thing's for sure, I'm definitely not in any shape to drive a car right now thanks to only four hours sleep last night and a double neat scotch this afternoon. My family and I had just gotten out of seeing Legally Blonde: The Musical and I was waiting with my mother and sister at the curb when I suddenly felt a bit unsteady. "Am I just really tired or is the ground shaking?" I asked. My mother started to suggest something about there being a tunnel under us when we all noticed the signs, streetlights, and trees around us were violently shaking. It turned out to be one of the earthquakes that hit Mexico and southern California to-day. I'm not sure which one--I only felt one. But it lasted at least twenty seconds as there was time from me noticing it to my mother deciding we should move out from under the huge metal sign. But we were downtown so there wasn't really any chance of being out from under any overhanging hazard. I suppose I shouldn't worry, as Strong Governor Schwarzenegger was probably ready to carry everyone out of danger in his mighty arms.

As for the show, I guess it wouldn't surprise many people if I said Legally Blonde isn't exactly my cup of tea. Though I actually kind of remember liking the movie when I watched it ten or so years ago with my sister. It was a nice little, good hearted movie. The musical had some catchy songs, some of which felt a bit awkwardly inserted into the story, particularly the "Legally Blonde" song itself which seemed to come conspicuously at a time for the characters to gear up and emote. A few plot details were a bit too slow for any conceivable audience, like Elle Woods' insistence that the entire court go to a crime scene just so she could demonstrate the effect of taking a shower with a new perm.

There were plenty of hot young dames in the crowd, many of whom were with conspicuously older men, though mainly the audience was made up of older male gay couples, elderly straight couples, and their grandkids. There were a lot of bald spots in front of me.

The story of someone beautiful and rich finding success may not sound particularly worthwhile at first, but I think one could argue that it's as much incumbent upon people handed opportunities to explore a life of substance as it is upon people who have to work hard for those opportunities. Though the ease with which Woods accomplishes her goals, and the very small obstacles she has to overcome soften the tale little bit. But on the other hand, my own tastes tend to go towards steeper walls for protagonists. The sorts of stories I like might quickly weary the people who liked Legally Blonde and took it as inspiration to improve their lives.

Anyway, I'm beat. Happy Easter.

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