Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Busy Kingdom

A new pair of ducks set out together into an unknown future. Most of my family to-day is at a wedding for my cousin. Anyone else think it's funny how the ducks and the humans are pairing up at the same time? It's a plot.

Anyway, here are some more photos I've taken recently;

Twitter Sonnet #486

Quarantined quatrains traumatised the cat.
Walking bacchanalia swung Chinese swords.
Grape seed deserts are no place for a spat.
Always grow nails before emery boards.
Doppelganger dollops of the flailed cream
Melt at too low temperatures for clothing.
Ginger bread weavers close a frosted seam;
Tongues taste gum drops better than a farthing.
Two real names crowd the video's good one.
Iron macaroni makes cheesy mail.
Craft can't send its helper to the old sun.
Bruegel apartments encumber the whale.
Domicile soup will soon cloud from ink.
When pens are empty the pages can't think.

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