Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Wide World of Bowling Balls

Last night I dreamt I was standing at the edge of a pool floating above Disneyland, and to my right, the water was emptying out in a waterfall. Infesting the mud and rocks on the pool's edge, under my feet, were burgundy coloured worms about the size of small garden snakes. They had little human-like arms and mouths filled with tiny, razor sharp teeth. They kept trying to attack my camera when I tried to take pictures of them.

A large, bearded man in a cardboard Darth Vader costume showed up and chased me off the waterfall. At the bottom was Hunter S. Thompson and Walter from The Big Lebowski, looking over Thompson's wrecked car, which had six wheels. Thompson seemed most upset by the damage done to one of his hubcap decorations--each hubcap except the wrecked one had a purple velvet fez with an orange tassel.

I think Walter was there because I'd watched The Big Lebowski again last night. That movie really is a masterpiece. I was reading on Wikipedia about how the Coens wanted a Raymond Chandler quality to the story (the plot bears a great resemblance to The Big Sleep) because they wanted the protagonist to interact with a variety of different people in different environments--"We wanted to have a narrative flow, a story that moves like a Chandler book through different parts of town and different social classes."

This certainly suits the Coens' remarkable ability at crafting characters. I love how every single character is ridiculous yet reflective of a deep insight into human nature. The Coens have a too rare tendency to avoid telling stories about good people and bad people, instead telling stories just about people.

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