Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Labyrinths, Languages, Elders

Last night I dreamt two eight or nine year old boys, one black and one white, were exploring the outside of an abandoned house at night. They found two sheds facing each other, the black kid went in one shed and the white kid in the other. At this point the black kid became me and I watched the white kid as he looked back at me, smiled, and seemed to drop into the ground. As I approached, I saw that the floor of his shed was an elevator that had suddenly dropped him down. It came back up without him. Realising I had the only flash light and he was down there without it, I got on the elevator and went down but discovered when I did a labyrinth of shining metal air ducts and flashing blue-green light everywhere that seemed to come from no source. And it turned out we were stuck down there, the elevator wouldn't come back down for us, so we crawled through the ducts on our hands and knees until we heard a man's voice saying something we couldn't make out. I said, "What?" aloud--in waking life and I woke myself up by saying it.

I had to be up early to-day, 7am, when I've been used to getting up at 11am lately. I'm a teaching assistant now for a Japanese class in the afternoon twice a week and I prefer to have lunch and afternoon caffeine after class. But to-day and to-morrow there were scheduled three different study sessions I had to attend, two to-day, one at 10am and one at 2pm. The teacher said she'd received e-mails from several students planning to attend but only two showed up, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both were young women for whom English was a second language--in other words, they were learning Japanese as a third language. The first woman grew up speaking Spanish in Tijuana and is learning Japanese in the hopes of pursuing a career in the FBI. The other one spoke only Tagalog until she picked up English in third grade somehow just from being in regular American classes. I really envy the ability some people have to absorb language.

I don't have to be up quite as early for to-morrow's session. I wonder if anyone will show up. I've hardly had any time to read the bible to-day. I'm in Psalms, there sure are a lot of them. I've gotten the King James Bible on audio, too, so part of the time I've been listening to it while playing Skyrim which is certainly an interesting juxtaposition. I can't really listen to it while playing Alien: Isolation since your life depends on listening for a pin drop or making absolutely sure you don't make any noise. Which is cool, in its way, but I have to admit I ache for action, which is another reason why I'm playing Skyrim again. I noticed the official Elder Scrolls Twitter feed still talks about Skyrim mods and news and doesn't seem to mention Elder Scrolls Online, perhaps related to the fact that Bethesda, I've learned, had nothing to do with creating Elder Scrolls Online. Now I feel slightly less weird about not wanting to play it. Which I guess means I'm an Elder Scrolls completist. Though I still haven't played Arena . . . I'm rambling . . . did I mention I didn't get a lot of sleep last night?

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