Monday, February 09, 2015

Stone the Anchor with Stones

Just got home from having lunch at the mall where the food court televisions featured CNN talking heads taking turns tearing chunks of meat off the corpse of Brian Williams' reputation. The glee was palpable, even with the sound so low it was practically off. I haven't really been following this story very closely but it seems like I remember liking him. Now suddenly he seems smug and presumptuous. Which may say something about my naivete--I'm still a little taken aback when I come across evidence of how much people further their careers by bullshitting.

A couple nights ago, I dreamt I was in a part of town I'd never been to before and I found a movie theatre where the audience was made up of a sort of film club, people who were very familiar with one another and had been going to this theatre for years. I bought a ticket and was talking to a couple of them inside when the theatre manager, a tall, thin, bald man, came out to address us before the movie. He somewhat grimly told us about how his higher-ups had decided to censor some movie he wanted to show. Someone in the audience said derisively, "Every decision they make, it's two percent comedy and the rest is tragedy."

"Yeah," I said, "comedy is hard."

The room was silent and everyone stared at me, annoyed.

"I mean, you got to scrape up even that two percent when you have it . . ." I added. They went on talking, ignoring me, so I left. Walking on the roadside at night, I came across two large, open cages. I was approached by Amalthea the unicorn from The Last Unicorn, the movie based on Peter S. Beagle's book, but I couldn't see her horn because I was too human. She asked me if I'd seen Schmendrick, the magician, around. I said I hadn't and my alarm woke me up.

It's probably best I'm not having dreams brought on by the King James Bible, which I'm still reading. I'm trying to read a book a day--I started on Judges to-day. There sure is a lot of conquering going on. I was rather fascinated that God decided to punish the children of Israel when one guy secretly looted some clothes and money from Jericho when God had told them only to take gold and silver. What a horrible boss. Not to mention all the killing God wants done--like when he orders Israel to execute all captured women and male children of Midian and to take the virgin daughters for vague purposes. It was kind of nice to see at one point God say a woman (that is, a woman of Israel) who is raped is blameless, even if the implications of him needing to point that out are depressing, just because it was refreshing to hear him say something at all nice, not counting the times he says he loves the children of Israel after going through a long list of commandments and things they've done to piss him off. I find myself picturing God and Cthulhu fighting. It's not hard to see why H.P. Lovecraft recommended reading the bible.

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