Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feeling unaccountably sluggish to-day. Yesterday, too. I'm starting to wonder if having honey in my coffee is causing me to crash big later in the day. I was enormously energetic yesterday morning, listening to Oingo Boingo and running all kinds of errands. Then I got back and I could barely get started on the page I needed to do. In a way, it makes sense, too, because I was so excited about this chapter. Since there's two weeks between each script, this kind of project is one you really can't get speedy about. In fact, I've always suspected that the glacial writing pace and rigorous drawing pace are really what make Boschen and Nesuko my strongest pieces of work.

But while I have no fear of missing my deadline with Venia's Travels--ever--I can't help feeling like my schedule's getting slightly out of control, and that partly explains the funk I've been in the past couple days. I don't know. It seems like everyone around me's digging holes for themselves of worldviews and I haven't spent enough time digging in one spot. What do I mean by that? I think the real reason McCain's polling as more patriotic than Obama is that McCain is very clearly not eyeing all the angles as well as the Obama camp. I think that might make him seem more genuine and unconsciously consistent. That he's consistently a dipshit's almost irrelevant.

I got a nice new bottle of Jameson yesterday, and drank a big glass of it last night, but woke up with a stomach ache. It didn't matter too much, though, as I was reasonable confident I could get back to sleep. There is one advantage of not having a girl in my life for me to get vexed about at all hours.

I've already to-day had some wine and limoncello at my parents' house, and I'm now having some tea. I don't think I'll have anymore alcohol to-day. Fucking gods, I'd feel like shit trying to have fun right now. True, I'm only one page behind. But as usual, I have a lot of colouring to catch up on. I'm tired of this system, and it's tiring me out. I need to be stronger, faster, more productive. Not to meet deadlines, but to get fucking days off. Legitimate ones, not ones I have to steal and feel guilty about and make up for later.

Yeah, no Second Life to-night. I'm putting my foot down on myself. I've drawn four pages of chapter seven and I've coloured one and a half. I ought to have five pages drawn and four pages coloured. Hear ye, hear ye; Setsuled's not fucking around anymore. Not until he's caught up and that's how it's going to be from now on.

Er, okay. Nevermind. Maybe there will be Second Life to-night. We'll see how things stand at around 11pm.

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