Monday, August 11, 2008

There were several very satisfying things yesterday. First, a good episode of Code Geass, then I drew and inked the last page of Chapter 6 of Venia's Travels, which I'm extremely pleased with. I'm so happy to not be drawing that dungeon anymore. It's my big ambition now to draw a scene in daylight. You know the action's still occurring in the same night as Chapter 1? The only two instances of skipped time are both in Chapter 2. Venia's gotta be getting tired. Maybe hungry. Might have to do some necessaries, too. Jeez, it's like keeping a pet.

And last night, I had a very satisfying victory against an obnoxious guy who uses a bunch of alts and occasionally shows up as a supposedly new person. But he's constant in his lust for attention, and the obtrusive guns and large flashing objects he uses to get it. He seemed to be incredibly good at chess, until someone informed me that the obnoxious fellow uses a programme to generate moves for him. Which was what made my victory against him last night so satisfying; I beat his programme, and he did not take it well. Oh, sweet schadenfreude. I don't think I'll give him a rematch, either. Let him know I'm always out there, laughing.

I have several things to do to-day, and not much else to blog about right now. I want to do a lot of prep for Chapter 7, too . . .

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