Thursday, August 21, 2008

I finally fixed the centre channel issue with my North by Northwest DVD and I've been watching bits and pieces of the movie lately. I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot, too. It's a good movie to surround yourself with.

I love how Cary Grant gets booze in every scene. After the whole bottle of bourbon gets him gassed at the beginning, he gets a gibson martini on the train with Eva Marie Saint, and when he meets her again after the crop duster encounter, he has a scotch with water. Water, Roger? What happened? Well, I suppose he'd figured he needed his wits about him at that point. Eve pours him what looks like a double and adds a dash of water. That's just to bring a man up to average cognisance level.

I'm still a little behind on Chapter 7, but I don't know why I was stressing about it the other day. All the drawing looks better in Venia's Travels than the pages I had to rush back in the day with Boschen and Nesuko. I've given myself time, I should take it. I did draw a page yesterday, though, and like the page before it, it was exceptionally complicated. And there's something else--I really shouldn't be so surprised these are taking longer when the amount of drawing required for some single panels is roughly equal to the amount of drawing needed for entire pages of some chapters past.

It's weird how looking at older pages for reference can instantly bring to mind what I was listening to when I coloured it. Looking at some chapter 2 pages, I could easily hear The Shadow radio serials I'd been listening to. I haven't been listening to those as much lately since the quality seems to've really dropped in the series after Orson Welles left. Even before he left, actually, the show was increasingly focusing on two dimensional villains and simplistic plots instead of the moral ambiguity of the earlier episodes that almost seemed unintentional. I miss wondering whether The Shadow was completely psychotic.

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