Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have an awful lot to do to-day, and I slept in two hours late, so this'll be a short entry.

I had to sleep in a couple hours because I was having trouble staying asleep at around 8am due to a constantly ringing phone. I knew I couldn't just stay up because to-day I write the script for Chapter 7, and I've seen plenty of scripts I've had to completely rewrite the next day because what I'd first written had been produced after a poor night's sleep.

Yesterday was extremely busy, too, but I made time for liquor in the evening. I stopped at BevMo and got an eleven dollar bottle of Napoleon brandy, which I find I like very much, as well as three 50ml sample bottles of liquor I'd never had; Bombay Sapphire gin, Glenlivet scotch, and Courvoisier cognac. Dragoness had recommended Courvoisier some time ago, so I tried it first, and found I liked it very much. It's a shame a proper bottle's so expensive. I'd probably sooner buy another bottle of absinthe if I had that kind of money to spare on liquor.

My sister's told me of two places in town that actually serve absinthe, complete with spoon and sugar cube, if so desired. One of the places is in Old Town, to which I could take the trolley. The green line, appropriately enough.

I still need to do prep work for Chapter 7. I've already been doing some reading to-day, then I'll write some background stuff, go grocery shopping as I let the information seep into the brain soil, and hopefully, when I return, I'll watch the script grow out of it in time lapse photography.

Okay, Wikipedia's useful. I hereby proclaim it. To doubters, I present this article. Dig the video. I can't begin to tell you how valuable it is to me as an artist.

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