Saturday, August 16, 2008

I know I said I was going to wait until after drawing and inking before posting from now on, but to-day I feel like posting first. You know what? Fuck the rules. And the police.

After posting yesterday, I coloured until ten o'clock, at which point I logged onto Second Life and Dragoness and I spent some time shopping. My favourite sl fashion blog, Linden Lifestyles, is shutting down, and the editors have been posting their favourite shops and designers. Toubanua got a couple new dresses and lots of good hair, I think. But I used Second Life for only about two and a half hours last night and didn't take time to try much out.

Then I coloured more, Paint Shop Pro open in one window and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 open in another window. Joel and the bots were watching Master Ninja, a bad TV movie featuring Lee Van Cleef and Demi Moore.

I got more work done in a single day yesterday on Venia's Travels than I've yet gotten in any previous day's work on it. I'm very excited about chapters 6 and 7. They're probably the two best looking chapters of the series so far.

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