Friday, August 01, 2008

If I'd done a little digging yesterday, I'd have realised that Nathan Fillion was probably on the DC animated universe panel because he's playing Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movie. Keri Russell's playing Wonder Woman, so I guess it's a reunion of the cast of Waitress*.

I read the new Sirenia Digest last night and this morning. A decent couple of stories (I haven't had time to read the interview with Richard Kirk). Caitlin's "DERMA SUTRA" was quite sexy and pretty, though oddly I couldn't detect the anger she claims to have found as an inspiration. Unless it's simply in the revenge against religious zealotry. I guess the moral of the story is "There is more to be found in sexual intercourse than is dreamt of in your philosophy." Surely a worthy lesson.

The Digest also featured one of Sonya's better stories. It's based on a folktale she's fond of, but I don't have time now to find it and figure out what parts of it are her invention. What she presents us with is certainly very pretty, featuring one of those casually absolutely imperturbable heroines one finds in fairy tales and the seesaw between realistic physics and childhood logic one also finds in fairy tales. Sonya seems to have the instincts to know when to dip on which side. Vince Locke's illustration gives the heroine an appropriately expressionless face. Sonya's description of the queen of the sea is sort of dreadful enough to maintain a degree of tension within the story. Aside from making the imperturbability of the heroine even cuter, it also makes that imperturbability seem more dreamlike.

No Comic-Con Report to-day--I'm staying at my mother's house to-night, and there are things I need to get done before I go over there. Any of my Second Life friends reading this shouldn't expect to see me around to-night.

*Not quite a bad movie, for the most part. Almost a bad movie. How's that for an endorsement?

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