Sunday, August 10, 2008

I had a couple of really interesting, very vivid dreams last night. I dreamt I went, in the middle of the night, to the Pic N Save I used to work at only to find it'd been replaced by a Disney store. I looked around inside the Disney store anyway, because, well, I must admit, I like Disney stores. For some reason, all the boxes on the shelves, no matter what they contained, were pink. I gathered this was part of the ongoing makeover of Disney stores.

As I was leaving, I saw a beautiful white horse running wildly in the street, then back to the parking lot, rearing, and then going in another direction. It wasn't getting anywhere, but seemed to have completely lost its mind, I think in terror. It had long hair about its hooves, and was incredibly beautiful, the sort of horse that would be cast as a unicorn in a movie, and of course, just as I thought it, I noticed a long, thin, sharp horn on the creature's forehead. Only, it was slightly off centre. I thought maybe it'd escaped from a movie set and the false horn was gradually coming loose, except the appendage didn't seem to be quivering the way false unicorn horns inevitably seem to (unless they're cgi) and no one seemed to be chasing it; no movie crew, or cops or owners, for that matter.

I walked towards my car, and I noticed it was making its mad way towards me, skittering to one side or another, its wide open eyes never quite fixing on me. I had a strong desire to console it, but I was afraid it'd put my eye out with that horn.

Finally, when it got close enough, I was able to pet its face, and I was very relieved it snorted and settled down slightly instead of killing me. I asked around for people at the store to call animal control or something, but no one seemed to know the number.

My second dream, I came home to a massive, labyrinthine house I didn't recognise and found a dirty grey cat had snuck into my room and was playing under my covers. Every time I see a cat these days, I feel relieved, as I did in my dream.

I knew my grandmother wouldn't let it stay, so I picked it up, kissed it, and was on my way outside with it when I realised there were cats hidden all over the house . . .

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