Monday, February 09, 2009

Here's to Your Frak, Frank

I can't believe how much it's been raining lately. I woke up to-day from what sounded like hail on the window, too. Water's been falling from the sky about every thirty minutes for almost a week now.

I'm not sure how much sleep I got last night but it doesn't feel like much. I tried to sleep in a while to make up for it but couldn't manage it--I lay in bed before finally dragging myself out at 12:50. I guess I am getting used to sleeping at night again, at least. It really is difficult--I tense up. It's too quiet at night. I actually need the sounds of lawnmowers and kids playing outside. Some animal instinct in me needs cowbells on everything to know where they are, or at least provide distraction for any silent predator in the house. As it is, I still can't imagine sleeping without the hum of the computer and the ceiling fan.

I think maybe I can blame the wine for keeping me up a little bit. But it was great wine--I seem to be getting some particularly good Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon lately. Or maybe I can blame the Americano I had earlier in the evening with four shots of espresso. But that coffee really wasn't optional--I was having a bear of a time concentrating yesterday for some reason. I still have no idea why--I get these days where I just feel inexplicably dim for no reason. I tried to explain it to Dragoness once, and she seemed to think I was saying I was in some pit of despair. No, I wasn't sad or anything. I just felt like my brain wasn't working right. That post I made yesterday took three hours or so because I kept starting a sentence only to forget where I was going halfway through. The only reason yesterday's post had any substance was because I fought the strange swamp around my skull to pull out thoughts I'd had while watching the movie the night before.

But then I had a bunch of different things to do for my comic yesterday. I had to start over inking a page three times because I'd somehow managed to get wrong basic little things I'd had no problem with a thousand times before.

In a word, ugh.

I watched the nineteenth episode of Battlestar Galactica's second season last night. It was cool to see Dean Stockwell, but the episode was mainly disappointing. After spending so much time making Gaius seem more complex than a snivelling little villain, they've now got him saying and doing stupid things for no apparent reason. When Roslin says there's no reason the Cylons can't also find the planet the humans have just found, why doesn't Gaius point out the same is just as true of Earth? Really, the best solution is to stop nowhere until the Cylons would no longer pose a threat. Which would be an argument Roslin ought to be making.

I keep getting the feeling Adama and Roslin are supposed to be like the Bush administration if the Bush administration were magically right about things. Roslin telling Gaius to go frak himself seemed like an obvious reference to Cheney's infamous outburst in the senate. Maybe Ronald D. Moore is trying to provide alternate perspectives in the interest of peace in the culture war, but he's not going to get there if he keeps relying on cheats by making people do things that don't make sense in circumstances with flawed logical foundations. Mostly it just seems like Ronald D. Moore's a Republican. I don't know, maybe he is. I guess it shows what a partisan I am that I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's not.

I must say he comes off as slightly, er, well, like someone who doesn't have much trouble finding a happy place inside himself in this entry in his blog about Hurricane Katrina and disaster preparedness. The notion that he has a useful perspective on the subject because he works "on a show that's premised on the idea of an apocalyptic event actually happening to group of people and their struggle to survive in its aftermath," is hilarious. I learned about as much about disaster preparedness from Battlestar Galactica as I learned about the Middle Ages from The Smurfs. I do enjoy his writing, but I guess this is one guy who definitely needs to stick to writing fantasy.

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