Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Ice Rings on My Skeleton Say To-day's Valentine's Day

My sister reminded me this morning that to-day's Valentine's Day. She works at a place called "The Roadhouse" which is not an actual roadhouse, but instead a restaurant chain for people who enjoy the romance of truckers without actually wanting to face the discomforts of living as one. So I don't envy her for the sorts of people she will be dealing with at work to-night.

I'm going back to my parents' to-night, so I'm still pretty short on time. I didn't have a very comfortable night's sleep--I'd forgotten to bring my pyjamas, so I slept in my clothes in a house that always seems to be kept at freezing temperatures. It occurred to me last night that if I ever live someplace other than Southern California, it could only be someplace at least as close to the equator, if not closer. The chill drives me to distraction.

I think I'll celebrate Valentine's Day with whiskey. I'm enormously excited about the new Morrissey album coming out on Monday.

Yesterday, on the YouTube posting of the video for Morrissey's "You're the One for Me, Fatty", I commented;

The key here to understanding the song isn't that the woman is fat, but that the guy is calling her fatty while saying she's the one he really loves. In a town like Battersea, where most people aren't going to have very glamorous lives, people have to settle for work and people they don't, at heart, respect. "Some hope and some despair"--the song's a portrait of common, natural delusions fostered to avoid despair.

And to-day it looks like someone named "GolfTheMagicRabbit" has accused me of lifting it from Wikipedia. I suppose I can see how it would seem unlikely that anyone would try to elevate the discourse on YouTube. Sometimes, I'm not even sure I exist.

Once again, my iPod proved to be one of my most valuable possessions as it not only allowed me to cart necessary items for working on my comic over to my parents', I also was able to bring a couple episodes of Battlestar Galactica, so I watched the second part of "Exodus". The space battle was diminished for me somewhat by how utterly predictable it was that Apollo would come in just at the last moment. The death of the colonel's wife was deprived of a lot of impact by the fact that both she and the colonel had both been written like caricatures for a long time.

I think it's funny the message of the episode with Roslin taking a seat on Colonial 1 seems to be "Democratic elections don't work."

I liked the stuff with Baltar. I think he's my favourite character, partly because he's constantly kept on the edge of moral questions, partly because the actor playing him is capable of a lot of subtle expression, and partly because the fact that we often witness his delusions from his perspective makes him sort of the root POV of the entire series, which I don't think the show creators intended.

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