Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tumbleweed Army

I decided to go out for breakfast yesterday, so I drove downtown and had some huevos rancheros at Pokez--they turned out to be a mess of egg yoke, cheese, and refried beans. But they were good, and, as usual for Pokez, far cheaper than it seemed they ought to be.

At Pokez and Starbucks downtown, I worked a bit more on the script for Chapter 20, then came back here, typed and edited it, and came up with the layouts. I finished at around 10pm and felt more annoyed that I wasn't further ahead. I tried to tell myself that if this were Boschen and Nesuko, this would be at least three days ahead of schedule. I miss the days of being a chapter ahead on Venia's Travels. On the other hand, all the artwork seems to be better now. Maybe I'm less complacent? Or maybe it's just because I've settled into the process? I remember stressing out on the first panel of Chapter 1, knowing it would forever be the first impression of people just starting to read the comic. I spent an entire day colouring and recolouring that one panel, yet it's far from the best in the comic so far. Who knows how these things work.

Here's a silly article by someone pretending to think The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus might actually not be distributed in the U.S. I also have to smile at the irony in this line; "Gilliam has grown more experimental in recent years, with such fare as 'Tideland' and 'The Brothers Grimm.'"

The Brothers Grimm, Gilliam's attempt to make a mainstream fantasy film, is considered experimental by this clueless jerkoff. Yet it is the pool of clueless jerkoffs, surely, that in the end anoint films as experimental or mainstream. A doctor's check-up at a hospital may be better for you, but most people prefer to be hit by a ton of bricks, bricks lovingly stacked by articles like this.

Did you enjoy my meandering little metaphor parade? I hope so. Anyway . . .

While eating breakfast this morning, I watched Jon Stewart's interview from last night with Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com about the Kindle, the amazing 359 dollar eyesore e-book cosy. I'm glad Stewart didn't hold back from goofing on it--I think this thing is destined to be the Segway of the literary world.

I watched the thirteenth episode of Battlestar Galactica's third season last night, "Taking a Break from All Your Worries", a Cheers reference apparently for the bar in the episode located in one of the Galactica's landing bays, which was apparently constructed and opened all without the chief deck officer's knowledge. Yes, this was a particularly lousy episode, cutting between Adama and Roslin's extraordinarily inept interrogation of Baltar (they didn't pause to even once consider the Cylons didn't tell him anything important), and a nauseating adolescent soap opera involving Apollo, Starbuck, and their spouses. It's a good thing episodes like this are rare. By the end of it, I was longing for the cheesy brotherly camaraderie of the 1978 Apollo and Starbuck.

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