Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dust Watching Us

Up very early, it being Thursday. My brain's not on yet, but I thought I'd write about last night's dream while I can remember it--

I was going with some people to a place where I used to work. I'm not sure who the people were, but I believe there were four of them and among them may have been Elvis Costello and Angel (David Boreanaz). We were going to Big!Lots, where I worked several years ago, a place that sells really cheap overstock and discontinued items from other stores. But in my dream, it was located in a subterranean parking garage. When we got there, we found that all the cash registers were outside the entrance, which was a massive hanger door. Suddenly, a panicked woman's voice came on over the PA saying, "The cash registers are going to explode!"

And they did, shooting blue sparks first and a thick, steel door slammed down over the entrance. My group was still outside the store, with the registers, but doors slammed down on the entrances to the parking garage, too. We decided to try to get out through the sewers, which we managed to do, and we found that all electricity was off throughout the city, many buildings had fallen and several more were beginning to fall. Dust had somehow gathered into grey serpents of clouds drifting around the buildings.

I remember just disjointed bits after that--some kind of underwater community of people in little orange volkswagen bugs, learning to create working hotplates without electricity.

Well, it's probably for the best I had to get up early to-day--I have a lot of colouring to do. I got behind because of Christmas shopping and all the medical shit I had to deal with. It's looking like I just might be out of the woods on both fronts, though, so maybe to-day is mine.

Speaking of right wing fantasy films, I watched the trailer for Iron Man 2 last night. I liked the first movie, and I think there's a good chance I'll like this one, but I can't help feeling a chill when I hear the line, "I have privatised peace!"

Last night's tweets;

Whiskey, save us from the poisoned water.
Or boil it in a ruined bathroom.
Salmon sashimi's a raw mad martyr.
Red silly string of fate is on the loom.

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