Friday, December 04, 2009

Wooden Legs

A good, almost eight hours of sleep and I feel almost normal. I pushed myself right to the edge last night finishing the new Venia's Travels chapter, which is, again, now online. After not getting much sleep one day, I stayed up late finishing it the next--hours after I felt like I definitely, absolutely had to get to bed. I've set the next deadline for two weeks from now, crossing my fingers that nothing big gets in the way. Thank you, everyone who's donated so far. I still haven't gotten my bill from the hospital, which is really bugging me--I'm thinking I'll call them to-day.

After visiting Marty yesterday, I did pretty much nothing but work on my comic, except I went to Denny's for lunch. I also watched "The Killer in Me", a seventh season episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of the best in a while, as focus is shifted away from the Our Glorious Leader Buffy thread. Willow and Kennedy's romance feels a little awkward, partly because the actress playing Kennedy doesn't seem to have much of an investment in the character. I think it's also just team Whedon's usual awkwardness with writing romance, exacerbated by self-consciousness about gay characters all lumped into a single episode. But I liked the idea of Warren's form and personality attaching to Willow as a manifestation of her feelings of guilt and remorse. And I like that Alyson Hannigan finally has long hair again.

Anyway, I've not much else to say to-day. Here's one of my favourite phoney phone calls from The Howard Stern Show;

Last night's tweets;

Got grocery alien water eggs.
The lucky pods hatch only h2o.
I knew a spider with eight wooden legs.
Aside from Smith, their names I do not know.

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