Thursday, December 03, 2009

There is No Goal

Went to visit my friend Marty to-day for the first time in two years--he's a teacher at the high school I went to, and always good to discuss books or movies with. In discussing the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Marty said that, though he liked the film, he was finding these days that books generally feel more "real" than movies. I could see what he meant--with modern movies being constructions of a lot of rapid cuts and textured cgi, there's something unfiltered about a single, unaided narrative voice. I haven't read the book or seen the movie, but I was interested in a point Marty made about the tradition of storytelling implied by the existence of narrative in the book taking the edge off somewhat from the bleak subject matter--that is, creating a more three dimensional experience. Anyway, he recommended that movie, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and a few others.

I ran into a cousin of mine while I was there who I hadn't seen in some years. I noticed he and two of his friends with him had exactly the same haircut--shoulder length, very treated wavy hair. It almost looked like Farrah Fawcett hair except parted at the side with a swoop of hair hanging a sharp right over the forehead.

Feeling like crap to-day--barely any sleep. I fell asleep okay at around 5am, but woke up at around 8am with shooting pains in my abdomen and pelvic region. I was kept up then more from worry than pain, though I guess it's pretty clear I need to see a doctor again . . .

Twitter Sonnet 87

Ten hours now marked by pencil and ink.
Absence of coffee prevents extra thought.
Actions just happen as I do not think.
Is this the mind for which medicine fought?
Iron candy canes in a cold tin can.
The impotent heater fringing the wall.
White box for dinner holds half a cold yam.
Holy fucking shit I need alcohol.
The most obnoxious noises drift up.
Contamination's too quick and easy.
It's a liquid Wack-a-Mole for your cup.
Nothing like a car wash makes you queasy.
The kids have a brand new haircut for school.
Into white sunlight creeps a sleepless ghoul.

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