Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This Charming Organism

Rather busy day to-day--I'm getting a bit behind on my comic. I guess I'll need to put in work on Friday and Saturday, the days I normally set aside to take off.

Visited my doctor to-day, a guy named Hawkins. Very nice, friendly guy, seemed a little too excited about everything--"I normally get up at noon." "Wow!" "I have a web comic." "Wow! That's great!" He didn't know what a web comic was. But, again, he seems like a perfectly decent fellow, and I probably ought to appreciate him after my mother told me about the mean military doctors she had to go to when she was a kid.

So he told me the headaches and light-headedness were due to the coffee deprivation, and he did say it was okay to start drinking coffee again. He didn't seem at all concerned by my floating abdominal pain after he pushed his fingers deep into my gut in a couple places, almost to my spine, as the ER doctor had done. As before, this caused me no real pain. Maybe this has all been in my head? Gods, I hope so, but it's a bit disturbing. Mind over matter, eh? I guess I'll know for sure after the blood test I'm scheduled to have to-morrow.

Morrissey was absolutely wonderful last night. My sister bought my ticket as a Christmas present some months ago, assigned seating at Copley Symphony hall, we were in the centre, eleventh row with a terrific view. Moz mentioned being displeased with his previous couple of shows in San Diego, which was clear last time when he shook his head sadly at the sound of his own voice. But that was outdoors, at the harbour--I think he was considerably more pleased with the acoustics of the symphony hall. He even did an encore this time--just one song, "The First of the Gang to Die", but that's more than the last couple times. He'd cancelled a show in Arizona a couple days ago due to a shot voice, and last night was a short show which was at least 50% Smiths songs, something I'd predicted as they're less vocally demanding. Though he didn't seem to be in remotely bad form, his voice travelling to all the right high notes in the more adventurous vocals of his newer songs, which made up almost 50% of the rest of the performance--he only performed two 90s songs, "Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself?" and "The Loop", both great songs well performed, the latter seeming to produce the most jubilant crowd reaction, even moreso than "How Soon is Now?" which he also performed.

The only videos posted so far have really messed up sound, but here's a great video of "The Loop" from Monday's show in Pomona;

My sister got some video, but I still need to help her upload it. She only got bits and pieces, I think, no full songs because an usher kept coming by and pestering her to put away the camera. She'd gotten the camera past friskers by simply placing it in a small pocket in her purse--I wasn't so lucky. I hadn't planned on taking my camera in, in fact I hadn't even given it a thought, so maybe that's why I'd totally forgotten putting it in my coat pocket a couple days earlier. I happened to get one of the more humourless, anal-retentive security people who searched my whole coat carefully and made me take my camera back out to the car, after which I was obliged to go to the end of the line which had by then wrapped partly around the building, meeting the end of the wil call line, which was causing some confusion. My second time through, I had a different guy who didn't even seem interested in my coat.

So I only caught the last four songs of the opening act, a band called Doll and the Kicks, who weren't bad at all.

The lead singer wore her panties on the outside of her tights, which I thought soundly reversed the whole under/outerwear paradigm.

Between the acts, a series of old videos were shown on the screen obviously carefully put in a specific order, someone's playlist, presumably Morrissey's. I wish I could identify some of them--the first was a short clip from a 1960s movie of a guy ringing a school bell and saying something like, "Class is in session." This was followed by this;

Then, I think, came a great video from the late 1960s, a pop band with a female lead singer I wish I knew the name of. The other videos that I can remember, in as close to the right order I can remember, were;

There was a video of The New York Dolls performing "Looking for a Kiss" on an Italian show. YouTube doesn't seem to have it, but this is a very similar video of that band performing the same song;

The clip of the guy with the bell came on again at some point, there was a mid-60s video of a black guy I didn't recognise talking about racism, an American singer of Italian descent singing a very enthusiastic song about a beautiful woman, and finally a short clip of a transvestite performing as, apparently, Gloria Swanson disappearing behind a blue starlit curtain. Then Morrissey appeared, opening the show with "This Charming Man" and carrying a vinyl record which I've since learned was the Elvis Presley album Spinout, a Christmas gift to him from fans at the Morrissey-solo website.

Twitter Sonnet #89

Light eggs besieged the styrofoam castle.
Yellow yolk men break on the Golden Horn.
A female spy hid more in her bustle.
From this, an odd new victory was born.
Torn notes are worth personable money.
Mailmen make mashed letter oatmeal with rain.
The bank ghosts think many things are funny.
Brilliant leaves race water down a curb drain.
Morrissey's human and needs to be loved.
Thick coats can carry cameras you don't know.
Wilde said even true things can be proved.
Streets cannot say which way you ought to go.
Faeries make inscrutable chess pieces.
Blue phones are where telepathy ceases.

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