Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sorting the Decade

Twitter Sonnet #96

The man shaped dark uniforms fear flat walls.
Enough algae have formed to change a pond.
Spiders and flowers are decking the halls.
No sense waiting for someone to respond.
Blameless drains suck the bubbly bathwater.
Prince Randian's hips were washed clean of leg.
Love's yellow yolk from the alma mater.
The Star of Bethlehem was a big egg.
Wildflower honey easily spills.
Arteries to the Heart of Darkness clog.
But Kurtz can't collect his medical bills.
Ribbons of sound coil into a log.
Messages are passionately withheld.
A sweet, self-gagged ghost awaits a wergild.

I compulsively started working on my ranking of the decades films last night, and spent another four hours on it to-day. Gods, I hate reading my old journal entries. I hate how happy I seem in them. What an asshole. There're even more typos back then and just flat out bad spelling and grammar. I see I consistently mispelled "Spielberg" as "Spielburg". Did I think he was a town? I remember thinking, "I won't use spell check! It'll be Kerouacian that way somehow." I think even Kerouac would've recommended I get an editor. On the other had, I still did better than 95% of the internet.

I guess it's not strange I'd seem like a rather different person now that I'm 30 than I was when I started this journal at the age of 23. It's weird knowing all those years are more or less chronicled.

I also realised there was another movie I forgot to include in 2009's list--Knowing. If I can remember seeing one more good movie, I'll finally have a top ten list.


1. Gake no Ue no Ponyo (Wikipedia entry, my review)
2. Inglourious Basterds (Wikipedia entry, my review)
3. Sherlock Holmes (Wikipedia entry, my review)
4. Paranormal Activity (Wikipedia entry, my review)
5. Capitalism: A Love Story (Wikipedia entry, my review)
6. Star Trek (Wikipedia entry, my review)
7. Knowing (Wikipedia entry, my review)
8. Up in the Air (Wikipedia entry, my review)
9. The Uninvited (Wikipedia entry, my review)

Worst Films

1. Blind Side (Wikipedia entry, my review)
2. Avatar (Wikipedia entry, my review)
3. Watchmen (Wikipedia entry, my review)

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