Sunday, November 09, 2014

All at Once

Here's what I've been doing to-day--participating in a four hour simultaneous chess exhibition. My friend Rose, whose elo or chess rating is something like 2000, is the avatar in red in the lower left corner of the picture. She's playing against all fourteen other people--my avatar is the one with the butterfly wings. She lost two games and had one draw. I lost against her, of course, though I like to think I held out a respectably long time.

I was black--Rose was white in all the games. This is from about midway into the event. I traded a rook for a bishop in an audacious plan that didn't pay off at all.

It was a nice and relaxed event for everyone except for Rose, I'd guess. Between moves I was able to make and eat lunch and do some things around the apartment. I checked up on the daddy long legs I moved from my bathtub to the entryway in the hopes that he would catch a couple gnats that have been hanging about the kitchen. I haven't seen the gnats all day so I think my new roommate is a friend indeed.

Maybe I ought to be talking about the chess world championship matches going on this weekend between Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand. But Carlsen is winning so I can't seem to muster much interest. It's so much more exciting when he loses--he's just so smug.

Twitter Sonnet #684

Sudden aubergine storms bring questions home.
Zucchini stitches bind walnut people.
Cigarette commercials reflect on Rome.
A burning squash blasphemed the white steeple.
Shiitake searches choose a fungal source.
Organic honey colds arrive with fall.
The waffles vanish as matter of course.
All egg and toast monarchs will one day crawl.
Mismatched coat conversations come in brown.
A green war council banished a bishop.
Four jackets warmed a jalapeƱo town.
A terrible sandwich escaped ketchup.
Simultaneous pawns alert Europe.
A hero horse outstripped the Zeus gallop.

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