Thursday, November 27, 2014

Eat Food

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Last night I dreamt that I was enrolled in a class taught by Rob Reiner--young Rob Reiner with black beard and always wearing a baseball cap like in This is Spinal Tap. He took a liking to me and asked me to stop by his house and make sure his home-made marmalade was fermenting on schedule while he was on vacation. At least, I think it was marmalade--there were two barrels, one had translucent, viscous amber liquid, the other had the same thing but was filled with fist sized insect eggs. He asked me to swim naked in the one without the eggs, which I really wasn't comfortable with, but I thought I'd at least check on it and maybe stir it.

His house was located on a small island with dead trees in the middle of a lake. There was a little girl inside the house, giggling and tearing up all the books on his shelves but he warned me I might find her there. He said she was a neighbour's child and she came over periodically to tear up his books.

It turned out I was supposed to empty the barrels in the water and swim with the stuff but the water was much too cold.

Anyway, I'm off to do Thanksgiving things. If you're looking for something to watch, you might benefit from the Turkey Day Marathon of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 airing on YouTube to-day, hosted by Joel Hodgson himself. As I'm writing this, they're broadcasting Jungle Goddess with the infamous "Rock Climbing" sequence. It is truly a calamity that must be beheld.

Twitter Sonnet #690

Grey rust and dust and spiders roll in wool.
Blue glasses frames loudly led the hippos.
The snow proved styrofoam fit for a fool.
The sale drew all of Macy's best capos.
Disney retributions eye the stone grid.
Venus foam presents Teddy Roosevelt.
Ego waffles need the syrup of Id.
Haunted newspapers pad the safety belt.
Eye turkey serrations explode with mint.
Curtailed toffee hides in the derby band.
Generic tape pays a clear stickless rent.
The future glue is asparagus sand.
F12's the avian murder hot key.
Eve needs Hops "like the axe needs the turkey."

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