Friday, March 13, 2020

Aguas de Marco

To-day I'm leaving California, driving cross country to Tennessee. Of all things, it put me in the mood to watch Lost Highway last night. I thought I might watch something more upbeat but instinct kept urging me back to the tragic tale of Fred Madison. I was also watching Bergman yesterday so maybe I just wanted calm, cool, contemplative film.

I was going to leave yesterday but there was flooding and thunderstorms in Arizona so I thought I may as well wait one more day. Though I'm likely to have to deal with bad weather of one kind or another at some point, at least it's sunny from here to El Paso for one day.

I will keep up blog entries as much as I can but if you don't hear from me it's because I couldn't find a Starbucks, library, or motel with wi-fi.

Twitter Sonnet #1337

Retracted light became the living torch.
Empowered lead became the power source.
A thousand rags were stacked beneath the porch.
Escaping men confound the guarding horse.
A silent whistle stalks the amber room.
A finger files pictures red to green.
In writhing crowds the brains retook the tombs.
Excited hordes exchange the holy bean.
A ghostly face returns to Andy's bash.
Another tape appears upon the step.
The lizard's sax was bright and weirdly rash.
In broken time the yellow lines were steady kept.
The changing current foists on desert damp.
The wind presaged a metal moving camp.

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