Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Apparently I've allowed my car insurance to expire again. How do normal people keep such minutiae in their heads? Well, I guess I'll be spending a lot less money. My hope is that next year at this time, seeing a car on the road will be extraordinary.

I read the new Sirenia Digest this morning, which was very nice. The first story, "UNTER DEN AUGEN DES MONDES", felt sort of like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings versus a character from Sunshine, a movie I know Caitlin's fond of. Like Gollum, the werewolf protagonist has a hatred for the sun and uses a complicated web of self-deception as a defence mechanism. This plays well with the sun/villain character, who is both a puerile, abusive captor and seems to represent a fundamental, inexorable engine of destruction, shades of which seem often to appear in Caitlin's work. And the story could more simply be seen as being about the cycle of abuse.

The second story, "THE MELUSINE (1898)" begins with the atmosphere of antiquated carnival that seems to be present in several of the Sirenia Digest pieces and turns out to be about someone who's been betrayed by love and hope so many times that she can only bare her heart with great difficulty--and when she does, it's betrayed again. I was reminded of Morrissey's Suedehead, and it made sense for me why "You can't go home again" is written on a chalkboard in the video;

I won three games of chess last night. I seem to be getting a lot better at the game. Or maybe, as I told Dragoness, I was just "on" last night. Maybe it's the cous cous--I think cous cous is going to replace burritos and soy bologna sandwiches as my standard meal.

Walking to Michael's to-day, as I was crossing the bridge where I saw the girl with the dog, a beautiful white stork flew in front of me.

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