Thursday, June 26, 2008

It was from my favourite Second Life fashion blog, Linden Lifestyles, of all places, that I learned of the replica of the labyrinth from Labyrinth last night;

"C'mon, feet."

This labyrinth is actually genuinely difficult--I didn't find my way through, yet, but the rules do say it's okay to landmark your place for later. Though the rules do forbid manipulating the camera as I've clearly done here, but I wanted the screenshot, and anyway, it didn't help much as the labyrinth itself cheats much like the one in the movie. I'm guessing that's the Bog of Eternal Stench in the lower left-hand corner.

A couple familiar faces. One of them leads to what essentially amounts to a dead end, the other leads to a pit like the one in the movie, but unfortunately there are no "helping hands", just . . .

this big face.

Toubanua tried to dress appropriately. The gesture she's making there was actually an accident--she was smoking a pipe and it was invisible at this point.

I didn't make much time for screenshots, as I was busy just trying to find my way through. Freebies scattered about helped keep things lively--I got a bed, which I really can't use, a bright blue dress (it's okay), some AOs I haven't tried yet, and a really cool goblin mask I need to get a screenshot of.

After the labyrinth, there were two very difficult chess games, the second of which I won very much to my surprise.

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