Friday, June 06, 2008

I don't have much time to-day; I've given myself a particularly difficult first page for chapter 2. There're two things I wanted to mention.

I was looking at Caitlin's journal last night and saw that someone had commented with a dumb joke, which prompted Saint Sisyphus to ask, "Who the hell is this person?" to which Caitlin replied, "I think I know." And I thought, oh, fuck, what if she thinks it's me? Maybe I shouldn't even care since I'm banned from her journal anyway and it's not like I can stop people impersonating me if they choose (not that it was anything close to an impersonation in this case). But I'd like to state here and now for the record, regardless of whether or not you're a friend or someone I'm on the outs with, if I talk to you with a screen name you don't know, I will make damn sure you know it's me. I'm truly not a stalker (I don't consider reading public blogs to be stalking); I consider such behaviour silly and wasteful. I'm a big proponent of direct discourse. I don't like playing games with people. Sometimes people leave me with no alternative but to play along with them, but it's never my idea and I don't initiate games. Ever.

Okay. That's done.

In a much happier instance of impersonation, Robyn is doing an advice blog under the guise of Dr. Clive Owen. Why are you going there? To get some answers.

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