Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last night I dreamt I was hanging out with five cats in the backyard; the white cat I've seen around here lately, his grey girlfriend (who's been looking a bit worse for wear lately, and in my dream, too), a small black cat, an extremely fat black cat, and I can't remember what the fifth looked like. We were sitting in a circle like a council meeting and what we were discussing seemed to involve dire decisions, but the sorts of decisions we all seemed quite used to dealing with. The big black cat kept looking at the small black cat, who seemed uncomfortable with the attention.

The world ended at the edges of the backyard, and like in Oblivion or Morrowind, after the sharp edge where the land ends, there was a flat expanse of land below that went on forever. After a while, the cats retired to this area in pairs. The fifth cat I can't remember and I went into a small shed and were relaxing on some purple pillows when a grey and black, tusked piglet came in, frightening the cat terribly. Then I woke up.

I did walk to Tim's yesterday, which was exhausting, but I probably needed the exercise. The superstitious part of me thinks that my car is routinely incapacitated by faeries who are monitoring my health. To-day, though, I don't think I'll walk further than the store. I still have colouring to do on Chapter 3, but I think I'll make time for a movie. I've been in the mood to watch Yojimbo again for a while . . .

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