Sunday, June 22, 2008

The coffee pot went haywire to-day. I feel like suddenly noticing coffee spilling everywhere and a sludge of grounds sloughing down the side of the pot ought to come as a surprise. But it really elicited no more from me than an, "Oh," before I started cleaning up.

I lost three games of chess last night to a guy named Phallus Skytower. Yes, that's what he calls himself. I think they're a number of people who'd feel like I deserved it, though unfortunately, I agree. As Morrissey put it, "See how your roast spoiled again?" Phallus claims to be number 2 chess champion in Minnesota, which reminds me of a quote from Merlin in the movie Excalibur; "There's always something cleverer than yourself."

It took a little while to download the new Code Geass to-day. Of the 102 available seeds, only two were allowing people to download from them. When I finished, I left it seeding for a little while, and I felt like a celebrity.

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