Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I was amused yesterday when I heard Keith Olbermann mention that John McCain's attempt to use "Johnny B Goode" at his campaign rallies met with disapproval from Chuck Berry--as has been the case with every musician whose music McCain's tried to use. It's just impossible to find any angle where McCain doesn't look like a complete loser. Obama might as well be inaugurated to-day.

Yesterday's work on my comic was deeply satisfying. I drew what is so far the best page of the comic by far, and feeling good about myself, I started doing some new embellishments for the web site graphics. I also re-coloured page 1 of chapter 2--being a chapter ahead, I think, is already working out smashingly. There're fewer moments of, "Well, I'd like to do this but do I really have time?"

And I finally found the pens I needed. They're in a new package, but they look identical to my old tried-and-true model; this one, the 0.5 version, which turned out to be rollerball after all. And "grip" supposedly does refer to the casing, yet its lines are undeniably thinner than this version. I cannot explain. Perhaps no-one can.

I think I may be sick. I'm not sure with what, but I feel altogether soggy. It doesn't feel like anything that'll get in the way of my work, though. Certainly I don't have to worry about anything I need to upload on Friday, which is The Day, if you'll remember.

I spent a couple hours on Second Life last night and finished a bottle of Jameson (only two fingers, really). I played one game of chess and won. Always nice, though never a guarantee. One of the things I've noticed about chess is that it really forces people to confront and manage their pride.

And that reminds me--I watched the new Code Geass on Sunday, and the show seems to have gone well off the rails. There are so many plot threads that don't make sense now, but it is still kind of entertaining. The show's gotten to these absurd zones before, so I know it can pull out of it. Hopefully it shall. The most laughable moment came when a major plot point hinged on a chess game between two characters and it was very obvious the writers had no clue how to play chess. There's really no excuse for that--I mean, surely there must be chess players in Japan. Couldn't they have gotten assistance from one of them? Oh, well.

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