Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last night I dreamt (I can say "Last night I dreamt" again!) I was seeing a meeting between five or six European gentlemen in the mid-eighteenth century. They were in a very dark room, but were well lit with ashy, gradient shadows like old oil paintings. They were arguing and seemed to be deciding something extremely important for the entire world. A man in a tomato red coat seemed to be the most influential person among them, bringing forth the big ideas and persuading everyone to go forward with them.

Afterwards, in my dream, I tried to look these men up on Wikipedia. The man in the tomato red coat had a very brief article with a small image of his portrait--a bad likeness in a white coat. I followed a link to an article on one of the other men at the meeting, who'd not spoken at all, and found he had an extremely long article and a large version of exactly the same portrait as on the tomato red coat man's page. The two men had looked similar enough that I really couldn't tell to which article the portrait properly belonged.

I cut my hair very short yesterday and it seems to have come out much better than last time, though it's given my head an amazingly square shape. Somehow the hair makes 90 degree angles on each side and I look a bit like a 1950s caricature. Which is fine by me.

Thank you, by the way, to everyone who's looked at Venia's Travels so far. I've gotten a few nice comments and I'm glad people seem to be enjoying it.

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