Friday, November 20, 2009

All Risk

Last night's tweets;

Walnuts are more intricate than cashews.
The public demands vinegar on leaves.
Holy book pages vary by issues.
Red targets are attractive arrow thieves.

Back to feeling crappy to-day. I think it was the salad dressing yesterday on the salad accompanying the spanakopita I had at the mall. There's no blood, at least, just constant trips to the bathroom. What is this, five weeks on? Is this ever going to end? Sunday's the last day of antibiotics, and if it's not over then, I don't know. I'm just going to go out and start random fistfights with people until my capacity for feeling has been pulverised.

I probably shouldn't have gone to the mall yesterday, however well I felt, but I felt like I needed new pyjamas. I only have one pair, and it seems like a bad idea to keep wearing the same clothes when I'm sick.

Not too much sleep to-day, but I've done worse. I seem to have finally found a thriving chess club in Second Life, but everyone there seems to be much better players than me. I still enjoy playing. Maybe I'd be smarter without the antibiotics, and maybe I'd care more about losing. Who knows?

I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed "Selfless", the seventh season episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that finally confronts the problems inherent with a member of the "scooby gang" being a violent vengeance demon. Every point of conflict technically comes a bit late--it made little or no sense, for example, for Anya to aid the others against Willow, who was basically displaying acceptable vengeance demon behaviour. But the flashback to Anya's original incarnation as a human with her husband, Olaf, was great, and their (probably bad) Swedish was cool. The episode really helped solidify Anya as a character.

This is my Edward and Bella;

I wonder if All Risk covers healthcare. I wouldn't mind a nurse like Phyllis even if I ended up substantially less healthy for her care.

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