Monday, November 30, 2009

Nothing Signifying Sound and Fury

Twitter Sonnet #86

Gather spell components after its dark.
Rats are too fast for you to pick flowers.
Wolves stand in the road through the western park.
Making one good bouquet could take hours.
Why's it hard to find glass bowls with glass lids?
They don't want you microwaving spinach.
It's good for you if it's approved by kids.
Their exiled king's Dennis Kucinich.
Sweet potatoes are easy to undress.
Gorgeous white root women live underground.
With nutrient flesh they long to express.
Their ecstatic cry's a thick and strange sound.
Coyotes run past those spuds still seated.
Hard to tell if silence is repeated.

Through Jhonen Vasquez's twitter last night I found this story about a woman who became fused to a toilet seat after she'd locked herself in a bathroom for two years following an argument with her boyfriend. What started as sores on her ass turned into dead flesh and soft tissue that grew around the seat. It's a strange story, but I can't help feeling like it's somehow reflective of modern culture--humans blindly consuming nothingness like a caterpillar in an effort to escape the pain of substance. It's healthy to stop the wheels now and then--you can get perspective with some numbing, repetitive activity, but I think people are getting addicted to never confronting important issues.

Somehow I don't think problems are quite like this in poor, agricultural countries. How much time did a serf really have to lose his shit when he had acres of crops to produce and harvest, not only for himself but his lord? I guess there could be some truth to what they say about idle hands.

Well, I'd say the problem with this culture is that it shows people glamorous realities only to tell them in a million different ways how they can never get what they want, combined with the ability of even the very poor to live in relative comfort--even people with massive debt can get enough of a roof over their heads to shut out their reality. The world's demands for independent courage are getting steeper and steeper. It could turn into population control.

Last night I watched "Habeas Corpses", an episode of Angel after a block of four mostly weak Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. Buffy the Sergeant giving speeches to her potential slayer army is just sort of awkward, particularly as they continue to overlook obvious strategy (why didn't she think of beheading that Neanderthal vampire before?).

So Angel was a breath of fresh air with an episode that started out being about an unkillable beast rampaging through the offices of Wolfram and Hart and became a story of Angel's crew escaping from a zombie infested building. I love almost every part of that show right now--Wesley's unwise relationship with Lyla, Gunn and Fred trying to overcome the guilt of murder between them, and Angel just trying to keep himself together while the world constantly seems to be fucking with him. I'm liking Connor more this time through, though I find Evil Cordelia even more annoying than Saint Cordelia.

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