Monday, November 09, 2009

Bad Hair, Nice Rack

I'm calling it now--this is the worst haircut in the history of the Buffyverse;

It's like Charisma Carpenter asked for, "Something that says 'I'm no younger than 58 and I love slot machines.'" This is even worse than Willow's mushroom hair and accompanying Mork wardrobe from Buffy's season 4. I suppose it fights stereotypes a bit, though--boy crazy Cordelia has what's normally considered lesbian hair while the actual lesbian was dressing like Gallagher for a while.

What makes this a real tragedy is that Carpenter has the best rack of anyone on either show;

And Cordelia's supposed to be the fashion conscious one. I'd argue a haircut like that is almost as bad as accidentally getting a mirror reflecting David Boreanez in a shot.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the season finale of Angel's third season a lot more than I did the first time. Connor's not annoying me nearly as much this time around. I love the ongoing exploration of the meaning of vengeance on both shows.

I watched the final episode of Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei to-day. It lacks a lot of the embellishments of the previous seasons' final episodes, possibly reflecting a lower budget, something which seems to be affecting anime across the board. The episode even sort of alludes to the phenomenon. The later portion of the episode also features a plot about Kiri Komori losing her security blanket--revealing that she has a "Linus Complex"--to a gush of wind, and the story ends up being about the effects of consumer spending in a bad economy. But I liked the first part of the episode even more, which dealt with people who are prone to noticing, and making a big deal over, typos and small errors while totally ignoring larger issues.

Not unlike noticing a bad haircut while ignoring the story about Cordelia and Angel failing to consummate their love because he's at the bottom of the ocean and she becomes a goddess of some kind, I suppose. In my defence, I did appreciate her breasts.

I tried eating some pizza yesterday and it felt like I swallowed a basketball. Otherwise, I feel okay, though. I almost got eight hours of sleep last night.

Twitter Sonnet #79

Bad paint looks normal on dented plastic.
Grey continents in a sea of black glaze.
Air is the baby in mankind's basket.
Going now into a dull opaque phase.
Wooden cups can last longer than glasses.
Alka-Seltzer strengthens collection plates.
Normal water's the rice of the masses.
Cereal grains determine all men's fates.
I've managed to be hungry on schedule.
A moon photograph shows the right timing.
Now I'm driving the Jean Genie's module.
Through tired streets of souls mutely pining.
Rainy season, Moon River overflows.
Fake jewellery goes with garish old clothes.

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