Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Inner Turkish Bath

Last night's tweets;

Hard foes are for people with time to kill.
Good water now comes in tiny bottles.
All life's crucial fluids constantly spill.
Partly useful are projected models.

I almost feel normal to-day. Just a bit sore and very tired, probably from antibiotics. I went to Tim's last night and played some Oblivion, finding out the game's almost unplayable on the hardest level of difficulty with a new, very nice weapons pack Tim recently found. Which, of course, makes me want to try. If only I had a lot more time on my hands. This new weapons mod has a lot of what I love--well made models of authentic looking weapons, not the curvy pen caps gone mad look of most fantasy weapons. In Bruma, one finds authentic Norse-looking arms, with curved guards on the sword hilts, while a shop by Skingrad has excellent looking stilettos and broad swords.

I'm so tired I can barely think. I stayed up a little late watching the first hour of The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp again. That's a very tight film--I admired how you can't quite see Deborah Kerr's face at the beginning, and it's not clear that it's being hidden from you. The events of the beginning of the film take on quite different light, knowing the end of the movie, where it's told more from the perspective of Candy's camp. But having a better view of the details helped me see the young officer's perspective, and I realised how he was probably meant to be a complimentary portrait of the modern English officer, confronting the parody of tradition that Candy represented.

I also played a bit of chess last night, coming closer to winning a game than I have in a while. It's hard to think of right now, I'm so tired. I think I really need coffee. It's been weeks since I had caffeine, I know I'm past the withdrawals, but . . . I clearly need coffee. Or maybe I just spent too much time running around early to-day--the grocery store and my mother's house. The worse part about sleeping during the day is I feel like a stop watch starts the moment I wake up and I've got maybe three hours to have dealings with all the people and places that're just getting ready to close and go to bed.

Wait a minute. I don't feel normal at all, I feel really tired, and sort of dizzy. Life's just full of surprises lately. Anyway, I can't put together any more thoughts right now.

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