Monday, November 23, 2009

Digital Manoeuvres

Last night's tweets;

Province borders arrange around the text.
Such are the first prizes on World's Top Thane.
Salt's handy against shapes that are convex.
When in Rome remember to conquer Spain.

I won a game of chess for the first time in a while last night. It was against someone I'd never played before, so I can't say for sure if it's much of an achievement, but she seemed like a competent player. Maybe a little too reliant on her Queen--I got lucky a couple times, first in pulling the dastardly "bishop killing a not reinforced rook from across the board" move (that probably has a more official name), and later I almost stumbled on a very tight defensive formation around my King--after castling, I had a knight on a square just above the pawn closer to the middle of the board, and I'd moved the rook out one space, so it was backed up by the knight. The knight was backed up by the pawn above the King, so it was a foolproof defence against a lone Queen. A Queen with a rook could've gotten a checkmate pretty easily, but she had her remaining rook tied up defending against my Queen and one of my rooks. Actually, it sounds like we were pretty evenly matched, and I could've as easily lost if I hadn't gotten that rook early on.

I haven't played World of Warcraft in over a week, though not because of anything I have against it. Mainly it's been because my sickness in the abdomen has made me want to avoid things that might make me lean forward and tense my muscles, and also I haven't gotten around to making a Battlenet account, as per Blizzard's annoying merging of things.

I ate breakfast to-day at Denny's. I asked for "fruit" and was given a tall, skinny glass goblet filled with slices of strawberry, grapes, honeydew, cantaloupe, and bananas. Difficult to eat.

To-day, I'm working on the next Venia's Travels script. I still haven't gotten the bill for my hospital visit, but I'm proceeding because this comic is what I am, after all. Even if I do need to pick up a job at some point for this, I'll continue working on the comic, only updates will be much slower. But for this chapter, at least, I'm sure I can make the December 5 deadline.

Moving things around the other day, I realised I hadn't paid attention to the size of the stack of papers accumulating next to me. This is around 250 pages of the comic, including pencils, inks, and rough versions;

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